The website of the tourist agency just cannot be dull and uninformative. Thus, our initial mission was to launch the project, which will attract user attention from the very first glance. That’s exactly what we were focused on, while working on the website development. The client shared our vision of the website concept and we really succeeded at its completion! 


Regardless of the restricted deadlines (the website had to be ready to the start of the vacation period), we managed to create a positive, bright, dynamic and visually-impressive project - the one that additionally contained all the required info about the agency and the services they offer. The interface of the website is logical and intuitive, which makes it easy for each and every user to find the required info in the shortest time possible. Apart from general agency-related facts, the website comes with the list of tours, their conditions and budgets, customer testimonials. Online calculator and even an opportunity to register a private room to store all your info there.


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